After ending an exciting year, we have much planned for the new year ahead as well. To recap, in the last 4 months of 2021, we had many positive experiences.

On September 27th, we attended the first annual breaking bread event with all of the members present. The group got to dress up and have a meal as an organization at the Russel Center in Atlanta.

On October 31st, Optimize the vision was gifted with two new members! Zion Falcone and Delaney Cornelius. We appreciate all our visionaries and are joyed by new members

On December 11th, Cricket wireless donated 25 tickets to Optimize the vizion for the Celebration bowl!

On December 26th, Optimize the vision attended the Atlanta Falcons game where we met the Corporate Sponsorship and Marketing team.

For the Upcoming year, Optimize the Vizion has many goals. On January 6th, we celebrated our 3-year anniversary as a running organization!

Our goals are to:

-Attend 6 live events and 4 virtual this year.

-Create a program for our high school members to participate.

-Work with a financial institution to help vizionaries learn about finances for their futures!

If you’d like to support, please donate on our website on the button marked “donate” to keep these events circulating!